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Before Going to a Used Car Dealer

Before Going to a Used Car Dealer

Before a buyer goes to a used car dealer, there are questions he or she needs to ask of him or herself. Here are some things to think about.


Going to a used car dealer to purchase a vehicle can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many options, lingo to get used to and decisions to make. It’s wise to be an informed consumer and to ask yourself some questions before going in for test drives. It pays to do some research first and come to the car lot knowing what you want. Here are some questions to clear up in your own mind:

- Why do I want to purchase a vehicle? A bit of self reflection into why a car is needed will help pinpoint what type to look at. If the old auto is too small for a growing family, looking at larger sedans, SUVs or minivans will be helpful. Don’t waste time looking at those cool sporty two seaters if your old vehicle is too small already. If your gas guzzler has been killing your budget, be sure to only check those autos that will get better miles per gallon than your current model. If you’re simply bored with your vehicle although it’s meeting all your other needs, it would be wise to take a second look at your motivation before signing on the dotted line.

- How much can I afford? An honest look at one’s budget will answer the question of affordability. If cash will be paid for the vehicle, how much can your bank account afford to part with? If monthly payments will be covering the financing, choosing the shortest amount of time for repayment will save cash in interest payments. 3 year loans cost much less over the life of a loan than 5 year loans. Be sure to get a straight answer on the total cost of the car, not just the monthly payments. Once figures for affordability have been decided upon, stick to those figures.

- What are the safety, maintenance and repair records of this vehicle? Make sure the used autos you’re looking at rate high for safety and that the make and models are reliable.

- Has the car been involved in a crash? Nowadays, a complete record of an automobile’s history can be obtained from its identification number. All previous owners, collisions and overall history should be viewable, making a decision easier and truly based on facts.

- How does this vehicle handle for you personally? Some will be a better fit than others. Taking a potential auto out on the road for a test drive will let a motorist know if visibility and maneuverability works for his or her body type. Very large individuals have trouble squeezing into tiny autos and petite people may not be able to see over the dashboard of others.

Once a buyer knows why he or she is considering purchasing a used auto, how much will fit in the budget, details about the history of the car, whether it has a good safety record, good reputation and fits the drivers’ body type, it’s time to go for some test drives. Armed with knowledgeFind Article, a buyer’s trip to the used car dealer can be successful.

Author:Anna Woodward

Autos Articles | July 30, 2011

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